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Interactive Classroom Technology

See our Smartboard Interactive Classroom Technology!  

Kids `R` Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest is proud to showcase our Smartboard by Hatch! 


The SmartBoard interactive whiteboard is a great tool for preschool children helping energize presentations and motivating young learners. In 1991, this was the world`s first interactive whiteboard. Today, Smartboard is the world`s leading interactive whiteboard, combining the power of a computer with the simplicity of a whiteboard, engaging teachers and students around the world.

Research Basis
Hatch`s Product Development team has over seventy-four years of combined experience in the early childhood and the early elementary field. Together, they have created the TeachSmart® Learning System activity bundle. They provided direct oversight for the appropriateness, quality, and research for all activities including the teacher features and lesson plans. Hatch® formed a TeachSmart® Learning System advisory board to provide practical guidance to the activity developers to ensure that teachers would "Teach smarter not harder™" These board members represent Head Start, public school prekindergarten and childcare. Hatch® firmly believes in products grounded by scientific research.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest is so much more than a daycare or childcare. We invite you to tour our campus and see this amazing technology in action!


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