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Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Childs Good Behavior

Posted on 10-15-2015

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Preschool children are well into the Fall season and likely more familiar with new environments, teachers, friends, and curriculum. For many young learners who have moved up to higher levels in childcare, daycare, and preschool, a time of adjustment may be needed. That’s one reason why our staff is committed to providing encouragement that brings smiles and fun to the learning environment.

Parents enjoy hearing the good news that their child is thriving and doing well in preschool. Instead of spending time being concerned, parents can be comforted knowing their child is developing, growing, and learning behavior skills including better communication and social skills.

When you hear good news regarding your child’s growth and accomplishments, consider these creative suggestions to celebrate your child’s good behavior and development.

  • Seek reasons to reward your child. A reward can be as simple as an ice cream cone. The goal is to let your child know that you recognize his hard work and care about everything pertaining to him, big or small.
  • Keep it Simple. Seekeasy ways to reward your child. For example, allowing him to stay up late on a weekend night, providing a special sweet treat, or enjoying your child’s favorite activity.
  • Choose an activity that you can easily repeat. Rewarding your child does not have to be stressful or costly. Look for an activity that is easy to accomplish and simple to do again.
  • Be positive. When your child is enjoying your positive remarks, try not to mention problem behavior or other negative factors. Let this time be for affirmation and encouragement.
  • Allow your child a special privilege. Think of something your child wants to do like stay up late on a weekend or enjoy a late night sweet treat and consider saying, “yes,” to celebrate the good behavior. Let your child know the privilege is a reward and not a normal event.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest, we understand how to affirm and encourage children. That’s why our Hug First, Then Teach philosophy still holds true in every classroom and throughout our curriculum design. Our teachers are always eager to offer a kind word, giving parents many reasons to celebrate their child’s accomplishment.

For more information on how we build encouragement into the fabric of our curriculum, contact us, take a tour and see why we are so much more than a daycare or childcare.

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