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Helping your Child Build Better Communication Skills

Posted on 09-15-2015


Listening to a toddler’s amusing use of words and sentence structure can be entertaining and delightful. One expressive toddler can captivate a room full of adults as the toddler asks questions and makes cute observations and commands. While this behavior is amusing for a toddler who is busy learning to talk, the expectation of increased vocabulary and better communication skills grows as the child learns and develops. Better communication doesn’t happen automatically. Learning to communicate happens through intentional learning. Children learn in daycare, childcare, preschool, and at home. They learn through interactions and intentional programs. To enhance the learning experience, our Kids ‘R’ Kids curriculum, designed to build vocabulary and communication skills, grows with your child from an infant, toddler and through preschool.

Here are some suggestions to help build your child’s communication skills:

  • Talk to your infant regularly. Even before language skills are developed, your child is able to communicate. Your child may not understand the words, but he will understand your body language and voice inflection. The words will eventually be understood.
  • Use real words. Your child is learning rapidly, growing, and developing. While “play words” are cute, they can be confusing and stifle the vocabulary.
  • Ask probing questions? Give your child plenty opportunities to talk and express himself. Ask why questions to help your child think through situations.
  • Listen attentively. Try not to interrupt when your child is talking even when it’s taking time to communicate. Remember, your child is still learning.
  • Always encourage your child to express thoughts and feelings. Respond with care and thoughtfulness that a child can understand.
  • Read together often. Show words to your child and ask him to say the words and comment about the story. For younger children, tell them how to pronounce the word then ask them to repeat what you said.

Any activity that encourages communication can be beneficial as your child learns to communicate. Your efforts will be supportive of the learning experience happening from the infant program, through preschool and beyond. Another solutions is our STEAM AHEAD curriculum which is an integrated project-based curriculum written for students ages three to five, providing them with opportunities to be innovative, creative, and ingenious – learning to use problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and, best of all, finding the “AH-HA” moments as they build strong foundations in these five core areas of their education.

Contact us to learn about the additional ways we help increase your child’s vocabulary and communication skills.

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