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How to Make Preschool Learning Fun

Posted on 05-15-2015

IMG_4017.JPGWhen a beautiful infant comes into the world, parents are happy simply watching every move their newborn baby makes. It’s not long before the sweet infant becomes a busy toddler, and eventually a preschool child in need of various teaching styles and learning tools. With brain development and a curious mind, it’s important to keep a preschool child interested in the learning process. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest, we work diligently to make learning fun using various tools and resources in the classroom and on our playgrounds. As parents, you can join us in our commitment to make learning fun, with these creative activities that you can do at home.

Here are some creative ways to make preschool learning fun:

Ask questions. – There are many learning opportunities found in everyday life. When you drive to the store, ask your preschooler to tell you the way to go. Ask for specific instructions like, “turn left and turn right.” You can also ask questions like, “Which one do you like”? Allow your child to think over and choose an object, then have them tell you why one was chosen over the other.

Let your child help. When you are completing everyday tasks, find creative ways for your child to help. Spend some time showing your child how to organize items, separate colors, make piles, or help put things away. Your child will enjoy spending quality time together and you will appreciate the learning experience

Enjoy child friendly activities. When you are choosing a board game or movie, choose child friendly entertainment that your preschooler can understand. Then look for opportunities for your child to think and reason when you ask more questions that require careful thought.

Play electronic games with your child. Almost every child enjoys a fun game that can be played electronically. When you play with your child, you can be more involved in the game selection and take advantage of any learning opportunities. Choose games that are fun, but require thought and understanding to play.

Enjoy interesting conversation together. There are so many learning opportunities in everyday conversation with your child. Enjoy a snack and some uninterrupted time simply listening to your child’s thoughts and ideas. Enjoy discussing subjects that interest your child, like preschool, friends, animals, and sports.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest, we understand the need for children to learn in many different ways. That's why our programs are designed to capture your child’s imaginations and create an experience that is much better than a normal daycare or childcare environment. We hope you will visit our Learning Academy, take a tour and see us in action! 

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