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Recognizing Your Child's Special Talents

Posted on 07-15-2015


The preschooler who talks too much in class could become a prosperous motivational speaker, attorney, or salesperson. The toddler who consistently beats on pots and pans in the kitchen could grow up to be an award-winning musician. The child who makes messy concoctions in the kitchen could one day be a renowned and respected scientist! The never-ending possibilities of a child’s talents can manifest in many different ways and observant parents and teachers are the key to recognizing and nurturing those talents at an early age.

Personality traits begin to manifest during the early infancy stage, throughout the toddler years and become more recognizable as children grow and develop. One of the many advantages of a preschool environment is the opportunity it creates for your child’s gifts and talents to be discovered and nurtured. While children have many opportunities to explore talents in a preschool environment, parents will also notice signs at home.

Here are some clues to help identify early signs of your child’s talents.

  • Your child shows a special interest in a subject or activity. Pay attention to the particular aspects of the activity that interests your child and look to see if he displays any natural giftedness when engaging in the activity.
  • Your child has a natural ability to excel in an area beyond a normal child the same age.
  • Your child does not exhibit boredom when focused on a certain activity or topic outside of recreational fun.
  • If there is a particular talent that runs in your family your child could have a genetic predisposition to excel in that area (but you will still need to nurture the talent).
  • A teacher or staff member at your daycare or childcare has noticed your child’s unique talent.

Every child is born with special gifts and talents. That’s one reason why Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest goes beyond a normal daycare or childcare experience to meet the needs of every child with different learning styles. We use interactive technology to complement learning in the classroom, and ABCMouse to take learning beyond the classroom. With our AdvancED Accredited programs we create an elite learning experience for our infants, toddlers, preschool, Pre-K, and Before and After School Program students.

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