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​Thank Your Kids ‘R’ Kids of Wake Forest Preschool Teacher

Posted on 03-08-2016


Preschool teachers play a big part in your children’s lives. And, their job isn’t always easy. Between nap time, finger painting and trips to the potty, preschool teachers are investing precious time and energy into nurturing, teaching and encouraging preschoolers to develop into respectful and bright little humans.

With blooming flowers and sunshine outside providing extra distraction for little ones, preschool teachers need an extra dose of encouragement to keep children on task and learning well. Show your child’s preschool teacher that you care about her by writing a simple thank you note.

There are several things you may want to mention in your note. For example, list out one or two specific things your child learned at preschool that he or she can’t stop gushing about. Maybe it’s a new song with fun hand motions. Maybe it’s being able to write their own name. Mentioning specific things your child is learning from the curriculum helps your preschool teacher know that what she’s teaching is actually sticking!

Thank your child’s preschool teacher for her warm smile and gentle hugs. Kids ‘R’ Kids of Wake Forest is another home away from home and your child’s teacher certainly makes it feel that way. Thank your child’s preschool teacher for showing up every day, loving well and showing kindness to your child when you can’t physically be there. There is a certain peace of mind that you have when you know your child is getting the best possible care.

Don’t forget to thank your child’s preschool teacher for her creativity in trying new learning activities and art projects. The preschool teachers at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest are always thinking of new and fun activities to stimulate your child’s healthy brain development. Encourage your child’s preschool teacher to continue incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and math into your child’s everyday play. Your child’s preschool teacher is setting your child up for success!

Finally, thank your child’s preschool teacher for putting up with your child’s temper tantrums, “boo-boos,” pouty lips and occasional clenched fists. Children get tired and cranky and your child’s preschool teacher has probably seen it all. Thank your preschool teacher for being patient and understanding. Being a preschool teacher is hard work and every teacher deserves to know that her work is valuable.

Something as simple as a handwritten note from a parent can put an extra bounce in a preschool teacher’s step. Which Kids ‘R’ Kids preschool teacher will you thank today? Contact Kids ‘R’ Kids of Wake Forest for the best way to reach each of our excellent teachers. 

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